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Get your glitz and glam ready, tonight it’s The BRIT awards –  a key date in the musical calendar, the height of British musical excellence and what every UK superstar aspires to win. So to celebrate we’ve pulled together a playlist of our favourite from this year’s nominees’ tunes to belt out at karaoke.

    1. Dua Lipa ‘Physical’
    2. Ariana Grande ‘Positions’
    3. Billie Eilish ‘Your Power’
    4. Cardi B ‘Money’
    5. Miley Cyrus ‘Midnight Sky’
    6. Taylor Swift ‘Champagne Problems’
    7. Childish Gambino ‘Feels Like Summer’
    8. The Weeknd ‘Save Your Tears’
    9. Harry Styles ‘Watermelon Sugar’
    10. Biffy Clyro ‘Many Of Honour’
    11. Little Mix ‘Sweet Melody’
    12. The 1975 ‘Sincerity is Scary’
    13. Griff ‘Love is a Compass’


BRIT AwardS Nominees 2021:

Dua Lipa ‘Physical’

Dua Lipa’s album ‘Future Nostalgia’ was a complete collection of bops. From start to finish there is not a song we don’t love or a tune we haven’t learnt all the words too. So for this karaoke performance get your spandex on, loosen your limbs and get Physical. It’s no surprise that Dua Lipa has been nominated for a hat trick of awards for Best Female Solo Artist, Best Album for ‘Future Nostalgia’ and ‘Physical’ for the prize of British Single winner. With tunes this good we know she’s in for a good night.

Ariana Grande ‘Positions’ 

Not just UK focused, the BRITs also celebrates their favourite global acts, and nominated for their choice of International Female Artist is of course Ariana Grande. Looking like butter wouldn’t melt but with lyrics that sizzle, ‘Positions’ is our choice from the album of the same name to add to our BRIT Awards karaoke playlist. Positions debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last autumn, bringing Grande back to the chart’s summit for the fifth time in her career. But will she be at the top in this year’s BRITs?


Billie Eilish ‘Your Power’ 

Brand new Billie is music to our ears, quite literally with this hypnotising ethereal track ‘Your Power’. Also up for the International Female Solo Act gong at the BRIT Awards, we think this could be a real chance for us to see Billie in a crown. 

Cardi B ‘Money’ 

Cardi is Cardi’s biggest hype woman. We love to see it, and hear it in the song ‘Money’ where she reflects on her self-made success and the perks of that. Here’s hoping her success keeps on building and she’s taking home a BRIT Award tonight. 


Miley Cyrus ‘Midnight Sky’ 

Miley travelled all the way to the UK last year in the hopes of picking up her Best Song award for her collaboration with Mark Ronson ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’, however she left the show empty handed and broken hearted. Here’s hoping this BRIT Awards she’s left room in her suitcase for all the right reasons and takes the prize for International Female Act.

Taylor Swift ‘Champagne Problems’ 

We thought all problems could be solved with champagne, but according to Taylor Swift rejection is one of those things that needs something stronger to soften the blow. We’re rooting for her so that tonight at the BRIT Awards she isn’t rejected in her nomination for International Female Act and has to take on a lot more than champagne problems.


Childish Gambino ‘Feels Like Summer’ 

Representing the global boys is multi-talented singer, rapper, producer, comedian and beef cake Childish Gambino, nominated for best International Male Act but deserving of everything. Donald Glover already has 44 wins of varying awards tucked under his belt from Grammys to Golden Globes and even a few Emmy trophies, so we think a BRIT Award would be a wonderful addition to stick on the fireplace.

The Weeknd ‘Save Your Tears’ 

The Weeknd feels like a strong contender for this year’s Best International Male Act after the past year riding high on the success of ‘Blinding Lights’ which spent a record-breaking 57 weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 crushing multiple streaming and chart records at once. For this BRIT karaoke classic we’re bringing you a favourite ‘Save Your Tears’, which has actually just been remixed with fellow nominee Ariana Grande. Tonight let’s hope that The Weeknd can save his tears for another day, unless they’re happy ones of course!


Harry Styles ‘Watermelon Sugar’ 

Harry is the British rock star we deserve and the iconic pop star we all want. Desperately. On his quest for world domination, Harry delivered an album so perfect we still haven’t stopped listening, and the award shows still haven’t stopped celebrating. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ has been nominated for the Best British Single for tonight’s BRIT award competition. So will Harry be feeling that Watermelon Sugar high tonight or will he be sugar crashing hard?


Biffy Clyro ‘Many Of Honour’ 

Here come the bands. The British practically invented the boyband and have always been a bit boyband crazy from The Beatles to Blur, Blue to Biffy Clyro they just love a group of young rugged boys ready to harmonise. Though more rock band than romance serenaders, this Scottish trio are up for the challenge of taking home the award for Best British group – so do them the honour of choosing this in your BRIT Awards karaoke party playlist.

Little Mix ‘Sweet Melody’ 

Little Mix is on everybody’s lips at the moment, and we just can’t get enough of our favourite pop girls. Especially this super catchy tune ‘Sweet Melody’ which has got us humming Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo non-stop, and we’re sorry to tell you this but it will probably be stuck in your head too now. And you know the only cure for an earworm? … karaoke!


The 1975 ‘Sincerity Is Scary’ 

Another nomination for Best British Group is The 1975. They’re all grown up from the days of singing about chocolate and girls in petticoats, now they’re on to more serious issues like climate change and politics. So tonight they’ll be putting on their big boy pants as they hope to take home the BRIT Award and cement themselves as Britain’s favourite band.


Griff ‘Love is a Compass’ 

The Rising Star award at The BRITs is often a huge indicator of the next worldwide superstar, with winners previously being stars like Adele, Sam Smith and Florence + The Machine. Following in their footsteps could potentially be 19 year old bedroom pop singer Griff. Already loved by Disney and Taylor Swift, we’re expecting big things.

You can find this special BRIT Awards playlist in full on our app, which you can download for free here, filled with thousands of songs so you can sing non-stop. Plus make your own playlist on the app filled with your favourite songs that you think the BRITs might have snubbed!


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