The Ultimate Top 20 Disney Karaoke Songs

By superadmin

Disney has all the bare necessities of a perfect karaoke song – inspiring lyrics, powerful instrumentals and incredible stories that take you to a whole new world. So be our guest and be prepared for us to show you the best part of Disney karaoke! You’re welcome.

1. Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Basset – ‘Even When / The Best Part’ [High School Musical, The Series]

If like us, you are also deep into the side of Tik Tok that is exclusively theories about Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Basset’s ever evolving heartbreak, then get back to where it all started with this emotionally charged Disney karaoke song duet. This high school couple are definitely getting A’s all round for chemistry on screen and off.


2. Christina Aguilera – ‘Reflection’ [Mulan]

When the original Mulan film was first released in 1998, a 17 year old Christina Aguilera released a pop version as her first ever single. Its massive worldwide success led to Aguilera recording and releasing her first album with RCA and kicking off her hugely triumphant singing career. Now over 20 years later Aguilera reprises the track, this time the singer updates the pop elements for a bigger ballad style anthem that’s sure to impress in this Disney karaoke song.

3. Camp Rock – ‘This Is Me’ 

Demi Lovato holds a lot of responsibility for influencing a large % of the population to get their own badly cut bangs in 2008. Leading us all to believe we too hold a chance at woo-ing Joe Jonas in our own local military style musical theatre training camp. So grab your closest Jonas Brother and get ready to sing along to this Disney Karaoke song.


4. Zombies 2 – ‘Flesh & Bone’

This Disney Karaoke song is all about taking a stand for what’s right and coming together to unite against evil. With messages about self-esteem, identity, inclusion, tolerance, and challenging stereotypes. Disney and its teenage cast are taking a stand against discrimination for all (well okay, just for zombies and werewolves). But with a Zombies 3 in the making, who knows which segregated sub-group of society Disney will stand up for next?!

5. Frozen 2 – ‘The Next Right Thing’

A Disney Karaoke song that definitely requires you to have the tissues on standby, a song that perfectly encapsulates the hard journey and horrible troubles Anna has been through on her way to becoming a Queen.

6. Troy & Gabriella – ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ [High School Musical]

The original Disney power couple Troy and Gabriella really brought it home with this Disney Karaoke song duet, arguably though with not as much pzaz as Ryan and Sharpei’s version, perhaps we should get Gabriela a sequin jacket and encourage Troy to take some tap lessons.

7. Meg – ‘I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)’ [Hercules]

An anti-love Disney protagonist was definitely a new one, instead of Princesses swooning at water-wells waiting for their Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet, Hercules’ Meg did the exact opposite and went out of her way to beat off any romantic advances after having her heart broken one too many times. A free spirited atypical heroine whose smooth, dulcet voice sets the perfect tone for her Disney karaoke anti-ballad.

8. Panic! At The Disco – ‘Into The Unknown’ [Frozen 2]

2019 delivered a lot of unexpected things, but a Disney collaboration with indie pop-rock project Panic! At The Disco was not high on anyone’s list. Challenge yourself to match Brendan’s high pitched vocals as you belt this Disney karaoke song with all the fierceness of Elsa and determination of Anna.

9. Bebe Rexha ‘You Can’t Stop The Girl’ [Maleficent]

A feminist Disney karaoke song/ power anthem sung by one of our favourite pop girls Bebe Rexha for a live action remake telling the villain’s story portrayed by Angelina Jolie!? Take my money! 

10. Beyoncé ‘Spirit’ [Lion King + Black is King]

Apparently when asked what your favourite Disney film is, not many people expect you to say the musical film and visual album directed, written, and executive produced by Beyoncé, ‘Black is King’. But with Disney karaoke songs like this matched with the beautiful backdrops of Africa, we can definitely hear it calling our spirit – and our rewatch button! ‘Spirit’ is also featured in the 2019 remake of Lion King where Beyoncé voiced Queen Nala, which makes this our only entry to be featured in two Disney films!

11. Aladdin – ‘Friend Like Me’

This song has been sung by two of the greatest comedians of our lifetime, so keep the joke going as you attempt to sing this one. Robin Williams, Will Smith and now … you.

12. ZAYN, Zhavia Ward – ‘A Whole New World’ [Aladdin]

Sadly we never got a call back from the auditions to be the magic carpet in the new Disney live action remake of Aladdin, so we didn’t ever get a chance to go over, sideways and under with both Aladdin and Jasmine.  Hopefully after a performance of this Disney karaoke song the producers will be compelled to make a sequel and we can finally go soaring, tumbling and freewheeling in this whole new world Disney has awoken in us.

13. Tangled – ‘I See The Light’

A folk-pop love Disney Karaoke Song about realising your true dreams sung by a cute blondie with green eyes.. Are we sure we’ve never seen Rapunzel and Taylor Swift in the same room?

14. Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus ‘Butterfly Fly Away’ [Hannah Montana]

For those of us who grew up (or are still growing up) watching Disney, the characters really did feel like a family. Even more so when they were a real family, both on screen and off screen Billy and Miley are the perfect Father & Daughter duo which is what makes ‘Butterfly Fly Away’ the most real feeling Disney karaoke song to sing.


15. Descendants 3 – ‘Good to Be Bad’

Get ready for VK day! Turns out when your favourite super villain isn’t trying to take over the world they’re actually raising mini super-villains who have now united to perform super catchy Disney karaoke songs with killer dance routines. It’s good to be bad, but when it comes to singing it’s a lot better to be good!

16. The Little Mermaid – ‘Part Of Your World’

Now we’ve all done foolish things in the past to get something you think you really really want, but Ariel was a special kind of dumb.. Sacrificing her identity and happiness so she can collect gadgets and gizmos aplenty, silently, whilst brushing her hair with a fork. Update the story by keeping your voice and belting Disney Karaoke song ‘Part of your World’ so loud the mermaids in the Atlantic can hear you.


17. Ariana Grande, John Legend – ‘Beauty & The Beast’

Two of the most talented vocalists alive put their own spin on this Disney karaoke song, and now it’s your turn! Hit Ariana’s high pitch and John’s smooth bass notes as you duet a song as classic as the tale is as old as time.

18. Miley Cyrus – ‘The Climb’ [Hannah Montana]

It’s sad how sometimes the press only seems to allow for one major pop girl of the moment, pitting them against each other in some imaginary competition to create drama. They did it with Britney and Christina, Nicki and Cardi and even did it with Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. Luckily for Miley, Hannah Montana seemed to drop off the face of the earth after a family trip to Tennessee, allowing for Miley to step into the limelight and make huge chart success with Disney karaoke song ‘The Climb’.


19. Alessia Cara – ‘How Far I’ll Go’ [Moana]

Disney’s ‘How Far I’ll Go’ is an exhilarating adventure inspiring Disney karaoke song that stirs even the most comatosed of couch potatoes to pursue their craziest of dreams. Plus this version from Canadian singer songwriter Alessia Cara brings one of our favourite tracks to new levels.

20. Frozen – ‘Let It Go’

‘Let It Go’ is not only the most popular Disney karaoke song on Sing King, but also one of the most popular tracks on our channel ever! Turns out you guys all made lockdown your own kingdoms of isolation as you really didn’t hold back in singing Frozen’s most well known track. I hope your neighbours like this song…

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