15 Ultimate Karaoke Songs to Make a Splash at Your Pool Party

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Summer’s here, and it’s time to have fun in the sun! Whether you’re heading to the beach or kickin’ it poolside, it’s the perfect time of year for a dip in cool water. So, grab your swimming cozzie, some SPF and your BFFs, because we’re soundtracking your summer with our selection of the 15 Ultimate Karaoke Songs to Make a Splash at Your Pool Party!

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Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland – Dilemma 

This nostalgic 00s R&B bop is sure to get any pool party started! Peaking at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for 10 non-consecutive weeks, this smash hit is a seminal classic that everyone recognises, from its catchy hook to its memorable music video (we’re still not over Kelly texting Nelly on an Excel spreadsheet!) With smooth and melodic vibes, this call and response anthem is the perfect Y2K karaoke duet/group number – so grab the Nelly to your Kelly and get ready to sing your hearts out!

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg – California Gurls 

‘Toned, tan, fit and read / Turn it up ‘cause it’s gettin’ heavy!’ A response to Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ East Coast hit, ‘Empire State of Mind’, ‘California Gurls’ is an ode to the Golden State, where both Katy and Snoop Dogg are from. A prime example of 2010s electro-pop, this sugary bubblegum pop track has stood the test of time as a summer staple, and is a buoyant karaoke tune that’s a great fit for any pool party.

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Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj – Beauty And A Beat 

Get ready to party like it’s 3012 tonight! Hailing from JB’s Believe era, this 2012 smash hit has had us keeping an eye out for Selener for the last 11 years. With a found-footage style music video featuring a pool party to end all pool parties, this song is the perfect inspo for your own pool party, and makes for an energising karaoke number!

Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla – One Dance

Prepare to transform your poolside into a dancefloor! Crowned Billboard and Spotify’s song of the summer in 2016, Drizzy’s ‘One Dance’ still remains a summer classic in 2023, and is the epitome of feel-good vibes! An R&B song with dancehall and Afrobeats inflections, ‘One Dance’ is a captivating karaoke track that allows you to show off some smooth vocals, and will have you two-stepping whilst you sing-along!

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DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Forget about cake by the ocean, we’re all about cake by the pool! (It’s much less sandy!) The debut single from the Joe Jonas fronted band, DNCE, this funky jam is a summer party floor-filler, and an extremely fun karaoke number!

Calvin Harris – Summer 

Clue’s in the name, this is a summer anthem! With Calvin Harris being a king of summer bops, there were too many options to choose from for our list, but we ended up settling on this classic, vibrant banger! This song may have come out back in 2014, but its resurgence in popularity due to the internet meme ‘Wenomechainsama’ reminded us of how much we love this dance anthem! Featuring Calvin’s signature synthy hooks, this is a dynamic karaoke song you can’t help but dance to, making it perfect for a pool party!


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Miley Cyrus – Flowers 

One of the biggest hits of the year so far, this song is everywhere! THE ultimate self-love anthem we needed in 2023, this groovy karaoke number is sure to have everyone singing-along at the top of their lungs whilst splashing about in the pool.

High School Musical 2 – Fabulous 

Looking for a fabulous karaoke track for your pool party? This one’s bigger and better and best! From the cultural phenomenon that is High School Musical 2, ‘Fabulous’ is a catchy bop that is guaranteed to channel everyone’s inner diva! Bonus points if you can find a pink piano to re-create this iconic movie moment!

Image by Daniel Åhs Karlsson via Wikimedia Commons 

The Cardigans – Lovefool 

Catapulting the Swedish pop rock band to international fame, this 90s hit is a song that is just so sing-alongable! With an energetic mid-tempo and an extremely catchy, repetitive chorus, this is a karaoke song that feels summery and will have everyone groovin’ at your pool party! All together now… ‘Love me, love me!’

Dua Lipa – New Rules 

Assemble the girlies and get ready to perfect your synchronised poolside dance routine! One of Dua’s many summer bops, ‘New Rules’ was omnipresent in summer 2017 – and there’s no wonder why! With repetitive lyrics, a danceable electropop, tropical house beat and an iconic music video, this is a karaoke track that you can’t resist singing-along to!

Image by Alfred Marroquin via Wikimedia Commons 

Megan Thee Stallion ft. Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer 

It’s time to turn up with your besties! No summertime pool party is complete without the official ‘Hot Girl Summer’ anthem! Since Meg coined the term in 2019, we’ve been living our best hot girl lives ever since, and there’s no better karaoke song to soundtrack this than this modern hip-hop classic!

Doja Cat ft. SZA – Kiss Me More  

Interpolating the melody from Olivia Newton John’s 1981 single ‘Physical’, ‘Kiss Me More’ is the lead single of Doja’s third studio album Planet Her. This Grammy winning viral hit about kissing is a feel-good tune that’s bright, sweet and gives off major sunshine vibes! This is a breezy karaoke song that allows you to showcase some silky vocals as you sunbathe by the pool.

Grease – Summer Nights 

This next karaoke song’s a real blast! From the popular musical Grease, ‘Summer Nights’ is an upbeat number that makes for a great ensemble sing-along whilst you’re splashing around! Get ready to ‘Doo-ba-ba-ba’ and ‘Shooda-bop-bop’ to your heart’s content!

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Nicki Minaj – Starships

‘Let’s go to the beach-each, let’s go get a wave!’ Showcasing a more pop-oriented sound than her previous hip-hop and rap tracks, Nicki combined thumping beats, memorable hooks, and throwaway lyrics like ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ to bring us an ultimate carefree karaoke anthem! This infectiously energetic song is just so sing-alongable, and honestly just screams summer vibes! Exactly what you need for any pool party!

Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar 

The perfect song for a summer evenin’, this funky pop tune scored Harry his first number one single on the Billboard US Hot 100 chart! A joyful summer anthem, this is a laid-back karaoke song to sing as you sit by the pool and soak up the sun. Watermelon optional.


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