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Can I use one of your songs as a cover on my channel?
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We cannot license our songs for use on your own channel. If you use our instrumentals, your content may be removed by YouTube as you will be using the track in an unlicensed and unofficial manner.

Can I request a song?
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You can! Let us know what it is and we will forward the request to our content team for consideration. Please note we receive thousands of requests on a daily basis from Sing King fans and while it’s impossible to do them all, we are always listening!

Where can I find Sing King tracks?

We have a shiny, free app, available on iOS and Android. Head over to the app store to download it now. We’re also on YouTube – you can’t miss us, we’re a Top 1000 channel and the world’s largest karaoke channel. Watch this space as we’re also headed for Roku – coming soon to a TV near you.

I’m an artist. Can you release a karaoke version of my song?
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We have our finger on the pulse and our ear to the ground. We’re always up for shining a spotlight on the best artists out there. If that’s you, drop us a line via the contact form and we’ll give your music a spin!

Is the app really free?
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You’d better believe it! We pledge to give our singers access to the free tier for our app – now and forever.

What’s so great about Sing King’s videos compared to other karaoke brands?
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Secret sauce, and lots of it. All our tracks are studio quality and fully licensed, made with real instruments and then curated into first-rate karaoke videos by our world-class production team. All made by people who just love to sing, so you know that a whole lotta care has gone into making them perfect.

I have a karaoke bar. Can I play your tracks?

For licensing queries, please contact us via our form.


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