Top 20 Palentine’s Karaoke Songs

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Ahhh Valentine’s Day, it’s that special time of year when we celebrate all things love, but this year we don’t want to talk about that. Soppy tears in our eyes, get-down-on-one-knee kinda love? Naah. We want to shout out those special people in our lives who make our hearts sing – our friends, besties, and confidants! The ones who laugh with us, cry with us and karaoke with us. So, in honour of the beauty of bestie-ship, let’s celebrate with our list of the Top 20 Palentine’s Karaoke Songs.

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Camila Cabello – Real Friends

A song that speaks to the importance of true friendships. It reminds us that sometimes it’s hard to find friends who truly understand us, but when we do, they are worth keeping close and performing hours of karaoke together.

The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You

So no one told you life was gonna be this way? Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA? Well, this Palentine’s we’ll be there for you, and we can sing our hearts out together! (Maybe along with a cheeky bit of karaoke harmonising). This classic song, made famous by the TV show Friends, is a reminder that true friends will always be there to lend a helping hand and offer support. “PIVOT!”

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Jasmine Thompson – Old Friends

A nostalgic tribute to the friends we’ve known for years, this song brings back the special memories we’ve shared and the bond that will always keep us connected. Maybe you’ve bonded with friends over karaoke? We certainly have!

 Marshmello and Anne Marie – FRIENDS

It’s hard to say this but… I think we’re better off as karaoke partners! Sometimes it’s just not meant to be romance, and that’s what this song is all about. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be close; in fact, we’re always looking for a new bestie.

 Demi Lovato – Gift of a Friend

Released as a single for the Disney movie Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, this song celebrates the beauty of friendship as a special and valuable gift. Someone who is always there for us, through the good times and the not so good times. 


Image by Eric Mutrie via Wikimedia Commons

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Another classic karaoke that reminds us that if they can’t get down with the crew, then how the hell are they gonna get down with you? Or to put it more eloquently, ‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends’. Plus, we can’t help but sing this one with the besties – ‘Zig a Zig ah’!

Anne Marie – 2002

This heartfelt track reminds us of the friends we’ve known and loved for years. It’s a song about the special memories we’ve shared, ‘Dancing on the hood in the middle of the woods on an old Mustang’ and singing so many karaoke songs with all our childhood friends.

Charlie Puth – One Call Away

Superman’s got nothing on your besties, they’re always there to save the day! This touching song is a reminder that no matter what, true friends are just ‘one call away’. Just let me finish this karaoke first.

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ABBA – Chiquitita

Nobody does it like ABBA (seriously nobody)! And when it comes to a karaoke hit, oof, they’re on fire! Here the group sings through the troubles of a close friend, reaching out with a helping hand. Something we can all relate to. 

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

A timeless soul classic that has touched so many of us over the years. A reminder that as much as we need our friends, they need us. Through thick and thin our best friends will always be ready to karaoke with us. 

Sophia Grace – Best Friends

This is a fun, upbeat, and frankly very cheesy song! Let’s be honest guys, this one reminds us not to be so serious. Sophia made her big break on the Ellen show after her cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ went viral – 20 points if you can jump straight into the karaoke without singing along with the original first.

Drake – Started From The Bottom

This is a song about the journey to success. We recently smashed through 10 million subscribers on Youtube, sing it louder for the people in the back! Ain’t no way we could get there without the gang. Here’s to all the karaoke singers who helped us get here.

Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA

Written by British star Jessie J, this American anthem is an undeniable karaoke hit! Honestly this one is just amazing to sing at the top of your lungs with your best friends. Enough said. 

Westlife – You Raise Me Up

Who if not our friends lift us up in times of trouble. This Irish boy band are still friends to this day and show the power of true friends. 

Image by kentarotakizawa via Flickr

ABBA – Dancing Queen

Come on! You can’t tell me you don’t know a dancing queen! We all have one, and we love them to the moon and back! We’ve been fighting it out for the Dancing Queen title here at Sing King HQ. Will have to break the tie with karaoke. 

Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight

The perfect party anthem for all the crew, this one’s all about the fun and joy of dancing with our friends and staying up all night. Head over to our mobile app, where you can sing offline, and karaoke in the moonlight anywhere.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Woah woah woah I hear you cry… This isn’t about friends? Au contraire have you and your friends ever heard this song and not belted it? Didn’t think so. If you need some karaoke inspiration, remember that classic car scene in Wayne’s World?


Image by Walt Disney Television via Flickr

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth – See You Again

Another song that speaks to the importance of true friendships. This song’s about the memories we share with our friends and the love that we have for them. The lyrics remind us that even if we’re apart, we’ll always have our friends in our hearts.

 Rosa Walton and Hallie Coggins – I Really Want to Stay at Your House

A song that celebrates the beauty of friendship as a special and valuable gift. But mostly sleepovers are fun. Produced for the Cyberpunk TV series, this song has a real electro punk feel.

The Beatles – Let It Be

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, let’s remember to relax and let it be. With our pals by our side, and some karaoke, how could we ever fail? So come on, sing it all together now.


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