The Ultimate Eurovision Karaoke Guide

By superadmin

love eurovision? love karaoke? well we’ve got just the eurovision karaoke guide for you! 

They say the only constant in life is change. But they would be wrong, for there are a number of certainties in life. Spring will always turn to Summer. Leopards can never change their spots. And sure enough, Eurovision will come round once a year. That’s right, Saturday 22 May is the Grand Final of Eurovision and we can barely contain our excitement. 

For the uninitiated, Eurovision is an annual song competition that pits singers from all around the world against each other in the boldest, brightest, most kitsch celebration you’ll ever witness. Throughout its long and esteemed history (the first Eurovision was all the way back in 1956!) the contest has brought the likes of ABBA, Lulu, Celine Dion and…. Conchita Wurst to worldwide attention. Think of it as the lovechild of The X Factor and a Miss Universe pageant. 

We simply stan Eurovision at Sing King. After all, Eurovision and karaoke go hand in hand like spandex and glitter. So to celebrate this year’s contest, we’ve put together a downloadable party pack, jam packed with fun karaoke game suggestions and cocktail recipes – everything you need to throw the perfect Eurovision party! Want a ready-made playlist of Eurovision classics and this year’s tracks? We’ve got you covered too. Head over to our app now to get singing!

eurovision bingo

Get your dabbers out and get ready to play Eurovision Bingo, Sing King style! Simply dab out a box as the event occurs on your TV screens. When you complete a horizontal line, shout BINGO! 

make your own eurovision cocktails

Get your shakers out and impress all your mates with our themed Eurovision cocktail ideas. Hit download on the party pack to get the full recipes!


Be the ultimate games master at the after party, with our fail safe Eurovision karaoke party games such as ‘Guess The Country’ and ‘Karaoke Roulette’

the eurovision karaoke playlist

Head over our app now to get singing all your Eurovision favourites – from golden classics to this year’s tracks.

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