The 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022

By superadmin

What a year! All together you’ve sung over 45 million hours of karaoke with Sing King, we’ve uploaded over 500 karaoke videos and even hit 10 million subscribers. But just like your Spotify Wrapped there’s a few surprises when it comes to what you’ve been singing this year, and a few that aren’t as surprising! You’ll find them all here in our list of 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022 featuring the most sung and most loved Sing King tracks of the year!

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

We’d be crazy if we didn’t include this in our list of 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022! The ‘Crazy’ riff challenge took over TikTok  with users showcasing their singing skills to the tune of Gnarls Barkley’s 2006 hit. In the challenge, music buffs sing the line “I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind” while riffing and showing off their vocal range. 

CKay – love nwantiti (ah ah ah)

This Afro-Futuristic song is a mixture of Afrobeats, R&B, and dancehall. And this unique blend took it to the top of the charts in France, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland. And of course Sing King’s 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022!


The lyrics in XXXTENTACION’s ‘Hope’ is perhaps something that has resonated with many in 2022. The song is dedicated to the victims of a harrowing mass school shooting. This expression of pain and resentment of the wider world is obviously one shared by many Sing King singers, taking it into Sing King’s 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022!

Troye Sivan – Angel Baby

Troye Sivan joining our list of 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022 with an adoring, doting, love struck, mega pop, gay, power ballad. All of our favourite things really! 


Glass Animals – Heat Waves

‘Heat Waves’ has now spent 91 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the longest-charting song in the list’s 64-year history. Making it not only one of the Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022 but one of the biggest songs ever!! 


Nathan Evans – Wellerman

Thought a sea shanty getting into the charts was some sort of fever dream / black mirror commentary on the state of the music industries interweaved relationship with social media? Sadly not. This really happened, and it was lapped up quicker than the free drinks at your office christmas party. And for what we can only imagine is similar reasons or some sort of exposure torture it also made it into our 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022.

Ricky Montgomery – Line Without A Hook

We’ve all been there right? In a failing relationship because you feel very clearly out of the other person’s league. Right?! Well seems enough of you have as it’s been pushed into Sing King’s 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. Or maybe you’ve heard your other half singing along and you’re trying to find the deeper meaning in the lyrics. Sorry we’re the ones to break it to you.


Gera MX, Christian Nodal – Botella Tras Botella

A Sing King favourite and chart topper in our Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. A country-tinged slice of traditional Mexican music with hip-hop beats about drowning your heartbreak sorrows. We’re hoping this is a big one because you love the innovative beats rather than shared feeling of heartbreak and hangovers.



Alessia Cara – I Choose

‘I Choose’ was the uplifting ballad all of us needed this year to motivate us through tough times, an inspiring addition to our Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. A heartwarming reminder to keep our friends and family close during dark times!


The Beatles – Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

We love a genre clash here at Sing King, almost as much as you guys love this Beatles song, so much so it’s in our Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022! ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ was one of the first popular songs to incorporate a reggae beat into a pop music track. Though it may have been popular with you in 2022, the rest of the Beatles may not have been as supportive. John Lennon hated this song! Ringo and George disliked this too and all three of them vetoed Paul’s wish that this be released as a single. So we hope Paul is happy with its later success.



Harry Styles – As It Was

The Prince of Pop of course had to take a top spot in our 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. Harry Styles has had a massive year, with a Coachella headline slot, a MASSIVE worldwide tour and of course his critically acclaimed album Harry’s House. He deserves it, love you harry.


Rick Price – Heaven Knows

A 90s ballad in a 2022 listicle. You bet ya! For some reason we can’t work out this Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022 is huge in the Philippines. Rick Price you may want to consider an Asia tour, this could be your time!


The Walters – I Love You So

This Indie Pop banger actually came out almost 10 years ago and was the first and only release from The Walters. However, its recent success not only on the 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022 but also its millions of views on TikTok quickly prompted the band to reform and shake off any novelty of being a one hit wonder. Hopefully they won’t have to wait 10 years for the same amount of success.

Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Another 90s banger, this power ballad is Adams’ most successful song, topping charts internationally – staying number 1 in the 1991 UK charts for an impressive 16 weeks! An oldie but a goldie, this is a timeless classic we all still love, placing it as one of the Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. 


Diana Ross – When You Tell Me That You Love Me

Considered by Ross as one of her signature songs, we simply have to agree. We can’t help but dramatically belt out this sentimental power ballad from her 1991 album ‘The Force Behind the Power’. You told us you love it, making it one of our 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022!

Imagine Dragons feat. JID – Enemy

Appearing on the soundtrack for the League of Legends based animated Netflix series Arcane, ‘Enemy’ was not only one of the Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022, but of the year – ranking 15th on Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs Year-End Charts. In fact, ‘Enemy’ marks the fifth career top 10 hit for Imagine Dragons, and the first for JID!


Jax – Like My Father

Inspired by and a tribute to her parents and their relationship, Jax’s ‘Like My Father’ has to be one of the most heartwarming additions to our 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. This sweet piano led pop ballad from the American Idol star has us all feeling emotional, and it’s clear Jax’s father has set the bar pretty high for the kind of love we want.


Stephen Sanchez – Until I Found You

‘Until I Found You’ took TikTok by storm, reaching over 28 million global streams since its 2021 release! Dedicated to his girlfriend, Sanchez has us all smitten by this beautiful 60s inspired ballad and his blissful doo-wop melodies, charming his way onto our Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022. 


Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

Stranger Things sent this one catapulting back into the charts and straight into our list of 20 Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022, introducing this timeless classic to a whole new generation of music lovers and karaoke singers.


BoyWithUke – Toxic

We hope that all your friends aren’t as toxic as BoyWithUke’s are. TikTok’s favourite anonymous masked singer went viral with this alternative pop hit, bringing some ukulele onto the Biggest Karaoke Songs of 2022 list. 


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