Song Spotlight: Sabrina Carpenter – Espresso

By superadmin

Now we’re thinking ‘bout it every night, oh, that’s that song, ‘Espresso’! Join us as we delve into Sabrina Carpenter’s latest hit!


Image by Justin Higuchi via Wikimedia Commons

Following up the former Disney star’s 2022 album, emails i can’t send, and recent hit singles ‘Nonsense’ and ‘Feather’, ‘Espresso’ was dropped just before Coachella on 11th April 2024, in celebration of Carpenter performing at the festival for the first time. Performed during her set, the track has since skyrocketed, blowing up on TikTok and rising up the charts – marking Carpenter’s first top 10 hit on Billboard’s US Hot 100 and Global 200 charts, as well as her first chart-topping hit in the UK!   

Image by Justin Higuchi via Flickr

A sugary pop song with elements of disco and funk and a catchy hook, we’re not surprised it’s caught on, especially with its funny, somewhat nonsensical lyrics full of wordplay! Equating herself to coffee, ‘Espresso’ revolves around the feeling of someone being obsessed with and addicted to you in a relationship, with Sabrina revealing in interview with Vogue that it’s all about “seeing femininity as your super power and embracing the confidence of being ‘that b*tch'”. 


So this summer, expect to see us living our best hot girl lives, and singing-along to this bop on repeat! 


Image by Justin Higuchi via Flickr




Thumbnail Image by Justin Higuchi via Wikimedia Commons

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