The Sing King App Karaoke Game

By superadmin

Since we launched the Sing King app on iOS and Android, over 300,000 Karaoke lovers have helped us build the Home of Karaoke: millions of songs enjoyed, thousands of custom playlists created, all with unlimited access to our entire karaoke catalogue.


Now we’re excited to announce the app’s latest feature: The Sing King Game.


Our brand-new game puts you in the spotlight, with real-time feedback for each note you hit, as well as a score for every song you sing in the game.


You’ll also be able to compete in our regional and global leaderboards to see where you stand compared to friends and other Sing King fans across the world.

How it Works


Sing and Improve: Choose your song and select a difficulty (casual or pro), start the game, and receive live feedback as you sing your heart out.

Score and Learn: After the game, review your score and track your progress over time.

Compete in Leaderboards: Create your profile and discover where you rank among other game players.


The game’s not just about competition: it’s to help you learn, improve, and take your singing to new heights.


Update the Sing King app now to explore and play our brand-new game today.


The Sing King Team