New Update, Who Dis?

By superadmin

Hold on to your hats because we’ve got some exciting news for you today. It’s our biggest glow up yet! That’s right, we’ve released a new, updated Version 2.0 of the Sing King app with MORE features and MORE ways to sing all your favourite karaoke songs. Join our community of 20 million karaoke fans that sing with us every month!

With Version 2.0 you can enjoy all this and more:

⭐ Offline mode – download songs and sing them offline later. No connection needed!

⭐ Create your own playlists – choose from thousands of karaoke songs

⭐ Find all your favourite songs from our YouTube channel in the app

⭐ Ad-free playback – sing uninterrupted!

⭐ Personalise your app – add a profile image and more

⭐ Cross-device access – log in to your account from both iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets)

⭐ Choose from our existing playlists to suit every mood and occasion

⭐ FREE access to unlimited, full-length lyric videos 

Want some handy tips on how to get the most out of your Sing King app? Stick around after the jump…

Downloading Songs

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👉 Go to your Songbook

👉 Click on the heart symbol between Playlists and Artists

👉 Hit the yellow and orange download button

👉 Download function is only open to Premium Sing King users

Creating Playlists

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👉 Hit the Songbook tab

👉 Go to ‘Create Playlist’

👉 Give your playlist a name

👉 Find songs you love and hit the … 

👉 Add to playlist – it’s as simple as that!

Personalising your profile

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👉 Click on your profile photo in the top left 

👉 Tap on the icon to choose your profile image from our Sing King-ojis, or take/upload a pic

Save your favourite artists

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👉 Like an artist by tapping the Heart icon on their artist page

👉 Open your Songbook

👉 Find them on your Artists tab

Head to the app now and try it for yourself!