Global Karaoke: 10 Great Tagalog Karaoke Songs from the Philippines

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Karaoke is a global phenomenon, uniting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and who speak different languages, through a shared love of singing their favourite songs. In the Philippines, singing is an integral part of Filipino culture – and when it comes to Tagalog karaoke, they offer some of the best ballads, catchy tunes, and unforgettable melodies! So, in the month we celebrate Philippines Independence Day, we’re bringing you 10 Great Tagalog Karaoke Songs from the Philippines, that if you don’t know, you should know!

Image by Mike Gonzales (TheCoffee) via Wikimedia Commons 

Jennelyn Yabu – Labis na Nasaktan

Starting off our list is a heartfelt ballad that showcases Jennelyn Yabu’s powerful vocals. A song about love and heartbreak, ‘Labis na Nasaktan’ is a relatable song with emotional lyrics and a captivating melody, making it a perfect choice for those karaoke nights when you’re deep in your feels.

Mayonnaise – Jopay

Renowned Filipino alternative rock band, Mayonnaise, brings us an OPM karaoke anthem with ‘Jopay’. Originally released in 2004, this song saw a huge resurgence  in popularity after becoming viral on TikTok, largely due to it featuring on the soundtrack for the 2022 film Ngayon Kaya. A catchy tune with infectious energy, there’s no wonder why it’s a staple in Filipino Karaoke bars! This song is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet singing-along, and it’s a popular Sing King track – so join the Mayonnaise train! 

Image by Lydelosreyes via Wikimedia Commons 

SunKissed Lola – PASILYO

Considered as the band’s signature hit, ‘PASILYO’ is a modern Tagalog waltz ballad that blends contemporary pop and jazz rock elements with a touch of nostalgia. Its infectious beat and sing-alongable chorus make it a favourite choice for karaoke enthusiasts who want to sing their hearts out – and it’s a great choice if you’re feeling romantic!

Zelle – Sabihin

Zelle created a timeless song with this track. Its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a popular choice for karaoke lovers who want to create a showstopping performance. Zelle is giving major Anastasia energy with this track, and we are not mad at all!

Jeff Grecia – Elevate

Looking for an uplifting, rhythmic Tagalog karaoke song? ‘Elevate’ is the track for you! Its inspiring and catchy lyrics touch on themes of personal growth,  giving a motivational and positive message of rising above hardships and overcoming challenges. It’s also perfect if you want to test your rap skills. Although the lyrics can be a bit tricky, they’re so fun to sing!

Image by PoisonThyParty via Wikimedia Commons 

Michael Pangilinan – Bakit Ba Ikaw

Michael Pangilinan’s soulful rendition of ‘Bakit Ba Ikaw’ never fails to touch the hearts of its listeners. With its smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics, this ballad has become a karaoke classic in the Philippines, allowing singers to showcase their emotional range and captivate the audience.

Dilaw – Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)

Dilaw’s mainstream breakthrough, ‘Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)’ is a romantic catchy indie, alternative rock ballad that explores themes of longing and desire. Its energetic melody and relatable lyrics make it a great addition to any karaoke night, allowing singers to let loose and enjoy the infectious rhythm of this feel-good track!

The Itchyworms – Beer

‘Beer’ by The Itchyworms is an iconic 00s Filipino rock song that has become a staple in karaoke sessions across the country. It’s also a firm favourite at Sing King HQ! With its broken-hearted yet witty lyrics and infectious melody, this nostalgic track brings people together, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere that guarantees a memorable karaoke experience.

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Up Dharma Down – Tadhana

Up Dharma Down’s ‘Tadhana’ is a soulful and introspective indie ballad that resonates with listeners on a deep level. Its simple yet haunting melody and poetic lyrics make it a popular choice for karaoke enthusiasts who enjoy more contemplative and soul-stirring songs.

Rockstar – Mahal Pa Rin Kita 

Rockstar are perhaps one of the Philippines’ most iconic music groups, and they hit a perfect 10 on the Karaoke scale. With hit after hit, you’re sure to find something you love from them! Our choice today is ‘Mahal Pa Rin Kita’, the title track of their 1993 debut album which helped launch the band’s career. A Filipino love song that’s just as popular today as it was when it was released, this is a classic rock ballad that will end your karaoke session with a bang! 

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