The 22 Best Taylor Swift Karaoke Songs

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Being a Swiftie is hard work, crashing ticket sites, decoding music videos and digesting emotional rollercoasters of albums on a constant loop.  If you were one of the millions of fans that crashed Ticketmaster in the hunt for concert tickets then this list of 22 best Taylor Swift karaoke songs is for you. Whether you were successful or not, get ready to host your own headline tour, taking centre stage directly from the Sing King app.

Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero

How annoying the catchiest song on Taylor’s new album is all about taking accountability and being self-reflective, two things that were not on our to-do list! Anti-hero is all about looking in the mirror and admitting your mistakes, but one thing we’re sure you won’t regret is singing along to this best Taylor Swift karaoke.


Taylor Swift – Love Story

A Swiftie classic, for many the first introduction to Taylor’s country folk-pop music that’s got us through many a break up. Love story is the best Taylor Swift piano song that tells the old age tale of boy and girl as they fall in hopeless teenage love. Luckily for us this story had a happier ending than the Shakespearean play she alludes to, so instead of a double death in a historical church we actually got 15 albums. Win win.

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

Is exactly what we said when we saw this list of best Taylor Swift songs! In this song Taylor takes on the challenge of being the ultimate ‘not like other girls’ gal. So throw your short skirts and love of pumpkin spiced lattes to the side, instead grab your sneakers and sit on the bleachers in the hope your quirkiness makes you stand out as you’re obviously so different!


Taylor Swift – Back To December 

We’re reminiscing with Taylor here all about past love, regretting letting someone go and scared it was the wrong decision. Twilight hotty Taylor Lautner claims quite brazenly that this best Taylor Swift karaoke was written about him, which I’m sure keeps him warm at night – even in December.


Taylor Swift – Blank Space 

We had a blank space in this list of best Taylor Swift karaoke songs, but instead of writing your name, we wrote this song. Here Taylor makes the ultimate weekend plans with a saucy stranger, plans we wouldn’t mind joining in on. If that fails though we’re ok staying in and singing more karaoke.

Safe & Sound [feat. The Civil Wars] 

This best Taylor Swift karaoke song is more of a creepy lullaby, something that’s meant to soothe and lull you to sleep with themes of war and death throughout. Yeah odd themes but still a bop.


Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do 

Ah the Taylor we all remember and can relate to, back to taking zero responsibility for her actions. Any faults are simply not at her own liability, she was obviously pushed to such drastic reactions. Sing this best Taylor Swift karaoke at your parents/ boss/ significant other next time they get angry at you, as you’re a perfect angel who could not possibly be at fault.


Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble 

Sometimes first impressions do count, but it’s so much easier to ignore those red flags isn’t it – because it’s fun more than anything and the rides are always a good time. Much like the first attempt when you sang this Taylor Swift karaoke track and it perhaps didn’t sound as good as it should, but you persevered and now listen – marginally better.


Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar

Teardrops on your guitar, romantic, mysterious, kinda sexy. Teardrops on your computer, potential fire hazard. So be careful with this best Taylor Swift karaoke song and don’t take the performance too literally, unless of course you’re singing along with your own guitar but then what would you need us for?


Taylow Swift – Willow 

When it’s Midnight era but you still not over Folklore and Evermore, or to be honest any of Taylor’s discography. Plus when there’s lines like “I’d come back stronger than a 90s trend” we’re not going to get out of our Juicy Couture tracksuit to argue with this best Taylor Swift karaoke song.

Taylor Swift – Cardigan 

Sometimes you’ve got to take comfort in the little things, whether that be a cardigan, a cup of tea and even this best Taylor Swift karaoke song. 


Taylor Swift – Shake it Off 

There was a time when Shake It Off ruled the airwaves, in fact it topped the charts non-stop for a month worldwide! This best Taylor Swift karaoke song is all about showing what’s what to the haters. Because no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone.


Taylor Swift – All Too Well (10 minute version) 

The worst thing about your internet footprint is that sometimes the things you said in your tumblr era come back to haunt you. Sometimes we don’t want to see ‘memories’ of the status we wrote about that super fun sleepover complete with neon photoshoot. Which is how Taylor must’ve felt when she re-recorded this best Taylor Swift karaoke, and she had a lot to reflect on, so much so that the song is now 10 minutes long!

Taylor Swift – London Boy

Is there anything more romantic than London in the rain, especially when you hear that British accent. So test your London knowledge as you run through all the famous landmarks in this best Taylor Swift karaoke. Extra points if you sing it in the accent!


Taylor Swift – Paper Rings 

We can’t even begin to guess how much money is in Taylor Swift’s bank account, a lot more than ours – we can at least tell you that! So it must really mean a lot when she can afford all the shiny things in the world that Taylor would be willing to marry her love with paper rings. As far as the world knows Taylor is yet to be betrothed but when she does we’ll be watching with eager eyes to see if her money is where her mouth is in this best Taylor Swift karaoke.

Taylor Swift – Lover 

You know it’s the real deal when the love keeps getting stronger, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, but I want ’em all”. Which is weird cause it’s actually how long we’ve loved this best Taylor Swift karaoke song. And if you feel like spicing it up.. We have a piano version.


Taylor Swift – White Horse 

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies, over romanticizing our situationships and ignoring the red flags. So grab your microphone and white horse to ride away on this best Taylor Swift karaoke.


Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams 

This 1989 track finds Taylor reflecting on romance in a different way to her previous love songs. Putting a time limit on her relationships before they even begin, no longer entering with the romantic naivety she displays earlier in our list of best Taylor Swift karaoke songs. Nothing like a bit of realistic brutalism to bring you back down to earth.


Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars – Safe & Sound 

Taylor Swift and The Hunger Games, could we be any more nostalgic! Grab the biggest bit of hair and pull it across in a dramatic fringe whilst lining your eyes all the way around in charcoal black. Now you’re ready to sing this lullaby of a best Taylor Swift karaoke song.

Taylor Swift – You’re on Your Own, Kid

Another brand new best Taylor Swift karaoke track on Sing King, an absolute favourite from ‘midnights’, and another deep insight into Taylor’s own personal struggles through fame and life. This one’s so relatable that you’ll never feel all on your own when singing it, kid.


Taylor Swift – Lavender Haze

This song has united two very different subsections of society who now have two very contrasting definitions of ‘Lavender Haze’. But we like to imagine there’s a perfect overlap somewhere, with a very relaxed group of individuals vibing to the best Taylor Swift karaoke songs, like this one. Maybe even Taylor Swift herself is that overlap..


Taylor Swift – Style 

We’re ending this best Taylor Swift karaoke song list in style, there’s been tears, there’s been dancing but most of all there’s been a lotta Taylor Swift!


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