The 25 Best Karaoke Party Songs

By superadmin

Village People ‘YMCA’ 

Ok so top party tip here from yours truly, always start the karaoke party with a crowd pleaser, something that gets the people going. Really pulls the shy ones out of their shells, especially if there’s actions they can get involved in. Grab your five favourite village people and prime those moustaches for the absolute best karaoke party song to kick the celebration off.


Dua Lipa ‘Levitating’ 

The pop girls have been, undoubtedly, bringing it. As one of the most sung songs on our channel as well as one of the most boppiest bops of last year, this is a best karaoke party song choice for every occasion. If Dua can perform this at The Grammys then there is nothing to stop you performing it in a basement bar in Soho with the same level of pzazzz.

Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ 

Never mind best karaoke party songs, this falls into the category of best songs full stop! Why stop at singing? Create the ultimate party in three minutes and six seconds by squeezing a five part harmonised chorus in there, a rap breakdown and of course a full choreographed dance routine. So, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want… the chance to perform this to a party of my nearest and dearest.


Little Mix – Confetti (Official Video) ft. Saweetie 

What every party needs is the basics – karaoke, comrades and confetti. So make it rain with this best karaoke party song selection from our favourite British girlband trio (sorry Banarama). Little Mix are back stronger than ever ready to party cause we wanna celebrate like we in the club every day!

ABBA – Waterloo 

There are some things that will remain with me forever, and one of those things is the image of Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård in the deepest cut leotards with huge flared trousers in the final scene of Mamma Mia delighting us with their ABBA mashup of ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Dancing Queen’. Many (me) would argue this was the pièce de résistance of contemporary cinema which is unlikely to be beaten in our lifetime. Relive that special moment with this best karaoke party song with ABBA’s greatest party piece ‘Waterloo’ as we celebrate all things flared.

ABBA – Dancing Queen 

Please see all the reasons listed above. And if that doesn’t suffice, please see image below…

Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) 

After you put on Lil Nas’ best karaoke party song, people are going to be doing more than just calling you by your name. Get ready to be called at all hours to every party with a microphone in town with this modern party classic, you’ll be turning more than just heads.

Cardi B – Up 

Feel like a baddie whilst poppin’, pullin’ and droppin’ all over the party singing along to Cardi B’s best karaoke party song. Don’t be afraid to make this one a P E R F O R M A N C E, by including those finger snaps and booty drops.



Robbie Williams – Angels 

Dedicated to all the Moms at the party, ‘Angels’ is a real belter that will result in the whole crowd joining in, usually stood up with arms stretched open wide. Don’t be alarmed if people are doing it eyes closed too, a titanic esque moment of emotion that tributes the joy Robbie Williams brings to so many middle aged women around the world.


Ariana Grande – Thank u, next 

You could be equipped with all the best karaoke party songs in the world, but as soon as your ex walks into the party sporting their latest arm candy your polished performance is very likely to take a hit. So take a breath, compose yourself and get ready to sing a very direct, extremely passive aggressive message of ‘up yours’ as Ariana so eloquently put it! Even more points if you can slip their name in there. Thank u, next!


Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita 

Señorita is one of the best karaoke party songs that works just as well with a partner as it does without. We reckon even singing by yourself you’ll still have more chemistry than Shawn and Camila…

A-ha – Take On Me ​​

Take on me, take on this 80’s classic that’ll get the whole party pumping. Add some glow sticks plus a dash of neon rave paint and you’ve got yourself a yuppie decade themed knees up as you take on the best karaoke party song ‘Take On Me’.


Billie Eilish – Bad Guy 

Be a bad guy but a good sport with our next karaoke party song, a track that took the world by storm and catapulted Billie into our hearts forever. Make sure you put as much effort into putting as little effort as possible into ‘Duh’.

Lizzo – Good as Hell 

We just took a DNA test, turns out we’re 100% that perfect party host. Great selection of drinks and appetisers, a thumping sound system and of course a karaoke booth packed with the best karaoke party songs. And the finishing touch – a lit candle in the bathroom, it’s all in those tiny details that often go unnoticed!

The Greatest Showman – The Greatest Show 

Oh these guests are about to know what the real greatest show is. It’s YOU. Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for, the perfect party piece in our collection of best karaoke party songs. Because sometimes when you attend a karaoke party, it’s actually just an opportunity to live your broadway dreams, make that sticky floor your red carpet and bring Hollywood to your nearest and dearest.


Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody 

No matter where your singing ability falls, this is one you can sing with confidence. It’s a real crowd pleaser and just super fun to sing. It’s got a bit of everything as you sing your way through this story masterpiece, plus a token operatic section that’s impressive entertainment which will get you points just for giving it a good go. Which is all anyone can ask of you at a party!


Britney Spears – Oops I did it Again 

The best karaoke party song for those who might lack vocal ability but make up for it in sass. Britney’s famous monotone style singing makes this an easy song to sing no matter how late the party gets. Also the low pitch means you’re unlikely to strain those vocal cords in a way that leaves you with the obvious tell-tale sign of an all-nighter of a croaky voice the next day.

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off 

Sometimes lyrics can get in the way of real karaoke. Which is why Taylor has presented us with one of the best karaoke party songs, because you barely need to look at the screen or even be able to read. Just keep repeating yourself, and if that fails just shake it off.

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way 

Grab your four closest friends and get ready to side step and air grab as you remind the party what made the 90s so special. Every round up of the best karaoke party songs needs to have a few teenage heartthrobs in there. So pick your harmony, grab every white clothing item you own and remind everybody why the Backstreet Boys deserved that poster spot on your teenage bedroom wall.

Pitbull, Kesha – Timber 

Mr Worldwide and party animal original Kesha team up for the most iconic of duets on the next song on our Best Karaoke Party Songs list. Get the whole room dancing, but be sure to ignore Pitbull’s recommendation of face down, booty up as your vocals will almost definitely sound better face up, booty down.


Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (TGIF) 

Singing about parties at a party? Very meta, breaking down that fourth wall with tales of things still to come in the night. Foreshadow the kind of party you want by slotting this into your best karaoke party song selection. Hopefully it won’t leave you questioning the source of the dark mark on your neck.

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody 

After over a year of social distancing we’ll take dancing with absolutely anybody. We’re ready to feel the heat off of everybody. We literally don’t need to love us (you just need to be vaccinated and ready for some socially distanced disco dancing). This is one of our best karaoke party songs for getting up close and personal with just about anybody in the vicinity.

The Champs – Tequila 

Sometimes great karaoke can be simple and you can entertain a whole party with a single word. The anticipation created in the build up of this song is enough to keep the whole party tantalised as they await the sound of your voice and the shout of tequila! Absolutely perfect for winning over the crowd, this makes it onto our Best Karaoke Party Songs list without doubt. Take your newfound popularity further by getting in a round of tequila and you’ll never be left off a guestlist again.

Justin Bieber – Baby 

Do you have the vocal range and harmony ability of a 16 year old boy? Then we have the best karaoke party song for you. When Justin was still baby faced himself and still hadn’t been through the agony of Jelena, he brought out this heartbreak anthem. Justin must’ve really been going through something when he dropped ‘Baby’ though, as he seems in that much despair he could barely open the dictionary, he sings the word ‘Baby’ fifty-six times throughout the song!

Nicki Minaj – Superbass 

Want to be the talk of the town like Queen Nicki? Then wow your fellow guests with the hottest rap verse of the 21st century. Dedicate it to the boys with the booming system and show them how pelican fly your bars are. Real ones won’t even need to look at the screen as they break it down in this best karaoke party song!

Want something a little more retro? Throw the perfect 80s party with this selection of our favourite songs from the neon decade.