20 Difficult Karaoke Songs

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Karaoke is a fantastic way to showcase your vocal skills, and certain songs truly put your talent to the test! Prepare for high notes, powerful melodies and emotional ballads as you delve into our list of 20 Difficult Karaoke Songs. 


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Queen – Love Of My Life

Freddie Mercury’s iconic ballad demands emotional depth and vocal control. The highest note in this track is an A#4, so it’s definitely a vocal workout! Since its release, this track has remained a firm Queen fan favourite, so give it your all to capture the essence of this timeless karaoke classic. 

Céline Dion – It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Céline’s vocal prowess is a major slay throughout this emotionally charged song! Setting out to produce “the most passionate, romantic song” he could create, Jim Steinman was inspired by Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights whilst writing the lyrics to this karaoke number. So channel your inner diva to convey its intensity, and belt that high note like a pro.

Journey – Faithfully

Journey are the perfect edition to any karaoke night, and with a wide selection of power ballads, they rank high on the difficulty scale! One of the band’s most recognisable hits, ‘Faithfully’ and its huge vocal range require a lot of power and control, as well as the ability to hold those killer notes! And let’s not forget, commitment to the song’s emotional lyrics is a must! However, we believe in you, as this song unleashes the 80s rockstar in everyone!

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Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

This soulful American blues classic demands raw emotion and impeccable phrasing to do justice to Etta James’ legendary rendition. Written after James visited fellow songwriter Ellington “Fugi” Jordan in prison, this is an emotive karaoke song packed with history, and with this weight alone, it demands a place onto our list.

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Steven Tyler’s iconic rock power ballad requires a balance of tenderness and power, making it a true test of vocal versatility. Originally written by Diane Warren, who envisioned someone like Céline Dion singing the song, this karaoke track moves through powerful sustained notes and rapid phrases, making it perfect for our list. 

Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

The theatricality of Meat Loaf’s rock opera ballad demands both dramatic flair and a wide vocal range to conquer its challenges. Not to mention, the sheer length of the song makes it a major workout for any singer. I’d do anything for karaoke…. so I guess I’ll also do that!


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Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing

Whitney’s vocals in this song – ooooo, it’s a chef’s kiss from us! A single from the acclaimed Bodyguard soundtrack, this karaoke song featured alongside ‘I’m Every Woman’ and her signature ‘I Will Always Love You’, but as this song was written specifically for the film, we think it has a unique Whitney flavour to it. So give it your all to deliver the passion and emotion it deserves.

Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd – Love Me Harder

We couldn’t have this list without a challenge for you and your karaoke team mate, so brace yourselves for a demanding duet! Appearing on Ariana Grande’s second studio album, My Everything, this sultry duet from Ari and The Weekend calls for impressive vocal control and harmonisation.

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The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

This timeless ballad showcases the beauty of harmony and vocal expression, requiring a smooth and captivating delivery. Yes, I know we are all seeing clay pots and supernatural freakiness, but the song stands up as a karaoke classic for seasoned performers.


NF’s rap skills combined with a poignant message make this karaoke song a rap challenge that requires impeccable rhythm. So plenty of warm ups for your mouth will be needed for this one! 

James Blunt – Monsters

James Blunt’s emotive ballad demands vulnerability and authenticity to truly connect with the audience. This song explores the relationship of an older father and son, and hits all the spots that get those tears flowing. Tapping into that is key when performing this tricky karaoke ballad. 

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Ice Spice, Lil Tjay – Gangsta Boo

Where’s all the Munchkins at?! This rap collaboration calls for a confident and dynamic delivery to match the energy of the original artists, and you know they have plenty of energy! Play this one as a pair and take a part each, or for boss mode take on both parts and switch between different flows like a pro. 

Eminem – Mockingbird

Eminem’s heartfelt tribute to his daughter showcases his storytelling abilities, making it a challenging rap karaoke with deep emotional resonance. Most of ‘Mockingbird’ sees a rare gentle Eminem with no cussing or cruel rhymes, but at the end, he can’t resist cracking a final joke about wringing the mockingbird’s neck.

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Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

Carrie’s country hit requires a balance of attitude and vocal finesse to convey the song’s empowering, if a little criminal, message. A karaoke song about revenge, Underwood sings about going into a parking lot and vandalising her cheating boyfriend’s 4×4 truck with a baseball bat (I mean haven’t we all), so you’ve gotta give it that level of emotion while singing. 

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved

This emotional karaoke ballad demands vulnerability and a soulful delivery to capture the heartbreak and longing it expresses. We know you have a little bit of that raw Lewis emotion inside you, so it should be a doddle, right?

Mariah Carey – Without You

One of Mariah’s signature ballads, this karaoke song requires vocal flexibility and the ability to hit those high notes with ease. We recommend a couple of lessons in whistle tone, and a whole lot of practice for this one. 

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Tina Turner – Proud Mary

Tina’s powerful vocals and energetic delivery make this classic rock song a true karaoke showstopper that demands charisma and passion. We could have chosen many of Tina’s classics, but this one felt perfect for our list. Almost like two songs in one, ‘Proud Mary’ is a true workout.

Måneskin – ZITTI E BUONI

This Eurovision-winning song demands a bold and dynamic performance with a rock edge to truly rock the stage. I mean, it won Eurovision, so you need to give it your all like you’re at the finale and can almost taste that microphone trophy. 


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Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

This Ariana karaoke anthem demands a mix of sultriness and power. Showcasing your ability to balance both of these things will prove you have what it takes to be a pop diva! Ari deserves to be on this list twice for the very fact that she has pipes like a church organ. 

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Arguably one of the most difficult karaoke songs EVER, Whitney’s rendition requires breathtaking vocal control and emotional depth to do justice to its beauty. You thought we would make this list and leave ‘I Will Always Love You’ off? How wrong you were. I mean, how much needs to be said? The belts – expert level, the runs – boss mode, and the breath control… can I get a new set of lungs? 

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