15 Best Whitney Houston Karaoke Songs

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Considered as the greatest voice of her generation, there’s no denying the sheer vocal talents of the legendary Whitney Houston. In celebration of her unparalleled accomplishments and triumphant career, we’ve selected some of her biggest hits to bring you The 15 Best Whitney Houston Karaoke Songs! So grab your mic, prepare for A LOT of power ballads, and get ready to unleash your inner diva! 

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Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You

This longing ballad was an early success for Whitney, scoring her a first number one hit and her first Grammy win! A ballad about loving someone who doesn’t return your affections, this is a karaoke song that will have you in your feels and singing with emotion. 

Whitney Houston – One Moment In Time

Released as a single from the 1998 Summer Olympics, ‘One Moment In Time’ is a sentimental ballad that embodies the spirit of the Olympic Games. Celebratory of human ability and achievement, this song is a powerful anthem that’s sure to uplift anyone’s spirit. 

Whitney Houston – All At Once

It’s songs like this that prove Whitney’s a queen of breakup ballads. Featured on her 1985 debut album, ‘All At Once’ is a classic Whitney power ballad that boasts her powerful vocals and emotional range as she sings about her lover leaving, and the heartbreak she is left to feel.

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Whitney Houston – Where Do Broken Hearts Go

In a 2000 interview, Whitney revealed that she actually hated this song, and didn’t want to record it! We’re so glad she was persuaded otherwise, as it gave her a seventh consecutive number one single in the US, and us a brilliant 80s ballad! Even after 36 years, we’re still left wondering- where do broken hearts go?

Whitney Houston – All The Man That I Need

This song is a prime example of Whitney’s ability to put her own unique flair on a song and make it hers. ‘All The Man That I Need’ may originally have been recorded by Linda Clifford in 1982, but it’s Whitney’s acclaimed cover of the ballad that became a worldwide hit eight years later in 1990! This powerful jazz and gospel-inflected love ballad showcases Whitney’s emotive vocals, and is a great choice if you’re wanting a dramatic karaoke ballad.

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Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey – When You Believe

There can be miracles when two iconic divas duet! Composed for the 1998 DreamWorks animated film The Prince of Egypt, ‘When You Believe’ sees Whitney and Mariah come together as a powerhouse duo to bring us an award-winning inspirational ballad, and a cracking karaoke duet!

Whitney Houston – Run To You

We couldn’t have a list of the Best Whitney Houston Karaoke Songs without some songs from The Bodyguard soundtrack! ‘Run To You’ was originally intended to be a breakup song, however the director liked the song so much that he preferred to have it as a love song, and it was re-written. 

Whitney Houston – Didn’t We Almost Have It All

An ode to the one that got away, this chart-topping emotional ballad from her Sophomore album sees Whitney fondly reflect on a past relationship, and pull out all the vocal stops.

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Whitney Houston – The Greatest Love Of All

Another highly commended cover, Whitney’s version of George Benson’s ‘The Greatest Love Of All’ brought even more popularity to this heart-warming ballad. Demonstrating Whitney’s dynamic vocal range, this karaoke song is definitely one that’ll exercise your vocal chords!

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know

Originally intended for Janet Jackson, it’s hard to imagine anyone else but Whitney singing this song! Her second number one hit, ‘How Will I Know’ is a funky, soulful, synth-pop floor-filler that encapsulates the 80s and has everyone grooving and singing-along, making it the perfect addition to any karaoke party!

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Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love

Co-written by Wyclef Jean, this mid-tempo r&b reggae-influenced track notably gave Whitney a different sound, and is a sweet song that will have everyone singing-along to the chorus.

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

We wanna dance with somebody, we wanna feel the heat with somebody, and we wanna belt this timeless classic! One of Whitney’s signature songs, this upbeat 80s banger with emotionally driven lyrics is a feel-good tune that’s sure to get any karaoke party going! 

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing

From memes reflective of the state of your bank account, to a phenomenal karaoke essential, ‘I Have Nothing’ is another iconic power ballad from The Bodyguard  that’s sure to have you singing from deep  within your diaphragm!

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Whitney Houston – Try It On My Own 

A classic Whitney ballad, this 2002 song is an uplifting tune all about overcoming doubts and fears. Whether that’s singing karaoke in front of  a live crowd, or taking a new venture in your life, this song is sure to make you not afraid to try things on your own. 

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This is not just one of Whitney’s most signature songs, but a decade defining hit of the 90s! A power ballad to end all power ballads, this cover of the Dolly Parton song appears on The Bodyguard soundtrack, and is the best-selling single of all time by a female solo artist! Dramatic and difficult, this song may require a big pair of lungs, but is a karaoke classic that is sure to bring the house down!

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